It’s Seahorse Time!

In the last few weeks, we saw many seahorses underwater. Seahorses with their horse-like head, monkey-like tail and kangaroo-like pouch are fascinating creatures. They are really hard to spot because they are masters in camouflage. However, we have some amazing instructors who are expert in finding seahorses!

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Jenna, Guest Blogger: My first dive

The ocean is an endless aquarium. The current is capricious and the strength is unforgiving. Everything sporadically appears before your eyes from nothing. There is no telling what animals may approach you, or what creatures you may approach. The depth and size of the ocean is so enormous, so vast and it continues for miles. You are only exposed to the first few feet once eyes open and adjust to a murky turquoise drift. The moment first breath is taken 40 ft deep, the moment you reach the bottom while grasping the mooring line for the first time, letting go you are a weightless entity. Buoyancy is a skill that I lacked at first, slowly bumping into rocks and the floor of the sea kicking up silt. I felt like I was learning how to walk again. It is a simple yet accomplished feeling when buoyancy is maintained.

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PADI touch

IDC: Training aids and the iPad, PADI Technology moving forward

The last IDC of 2014 is here and it is always fun to see what students come up with for training aids during their teaching presentations.  I am always amazed how some people have no imagination at all while others built the nicest power point presentations to get our attention to focus on their topic.

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jelly fish

Hannah is one of our marine students here in Coco Beach. She is 11 years old and goes to Lakeside International. This week she focused her study on the wild and illusive jellyfish that roam our oceans worldwide. The term Jellyfish is French, and has been associated with the swimming animal due to its spineless body and jelly like appearance. Continue reading


looking for an internship by Aurelie

Let me first introduce myself. My name is Aurelie Pinede, born in France, but an 18 year old Dutch girl who loves adventure and traveling! I just finished high school but I still don’t know what I want to do for a study. What I do know is if I graduate, I want to see something of the world.
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Social Media internship

Social media internship

Rich Coast Diving is seeking an intern to support the organizations’ social media operations. Interning in social media can offer you incredible valuable experience in the world of work, where social media experience is becoming ever-more important. As a student studying marketing, public relations, communication, commercial management, business or similar field, interning in social media is the most effective way to learn how to leverage the power of social media.

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Divemaster training: getting credit for guiding certified divers

Becoming a divemaster is a dream for many divers.  The step towards PADI PRO is hard work.  You need to have 60 dives ( fun fun fun) and you need to be Rescue certified.   Continue reading