Divemaster training: getting credit for guiding certified divers

Becoming a divemaster is a dream for many divers.  The step towards PADI PRO is hard work.  You need to have 60 dives ( fun fun fun) and you need to be Rescue certified.   Continue reading


How to become a Scuba Diver

Your first open water dive… The best experience ever! My first dive experience was a few weeks ago. I did a DSD with my instructor Barbara .The first time underwater, it leaves you speechless. I was a little nervous in the beginning because I didn’t know what to expect but after a few minutes underwater I forgot of all my fears and just loved it. I discovered a whole new world: the many schools of colorful fish above you, the super elegant eagle ray swimming next to me and in the end we saw a real shark! It was a lifetime experience! I’ll never forget my first breaths underwater.

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Teacher for one day

Teacher for one day, a lot of kids dream about it. This dream becomes true for some of the kids in the Marine Science Class at the Green life Academy.  Next Friday they’ll teach the younger kids at the school about the fascinating life underwater

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marine science

Kids Marine Science Saturday 23-08. Do you believe in Mermaids?

Long long ago, in the Deep Sea kingdom, there lived a little mermaid, Sirenetta. She was beautiful, lovely and had the best voice. She fell in love with a real human.  Everyone knows the famous Disney story about the little mermaid. Last Saturday in the Kids Marine Science Class we got the question ‘Do mermaids really exist?’ Nobody knows but we got a smart kid in class who said: ‘At the moment, we only know a bit of the ocean, so who knows?’

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Introducing Ireen Manders

Hi everyone,

InternI’m the new social media intern at Rich Coast Diving and excited to start this program. At first, let me introduce myself.

I’m Ireen Manders from the Netherlands. I’m a third-year student at the International Business School in Maastricht, where I shared a house with other students. Continue reading

Sharks, Sharks, Sharks!!


Pretty, pretty

So to be perfectly honest I used to be a bit of a wimp about sharks. It probably stemmed from a love of horror/gruesome films from an early age and ‘Jaws’ imprinting itself on my visual memory at the age of 7. I also have a *bit* of an overactive imagination, everytime I was in the ocean I would be convinced that I was in the vicinity of a super scary, malovelent shark that was going to eat me up for supper. My brother fake shouting “JELLYFISH”, was also enough to send me running out of the water. Continue reading


PADI Specialty, should I take this step?

Besides the standard PADI courses there are many other ways to go and continue your education.  Here at Rich Coast Diving we offer a TEC program plus a big variety of specialties.  Now you are a traveler and want to do some diving,  you can add another card to your collection which is usually not much more than just going for fun dives.  The advantages of  doing a new course is not only  will you broaden your knowledge, but you will also be diving under  PADI PRO guidance; no worries about following a big group. Continue reading