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How do I become a good IDC Staff instructor?

After the IDC every Course Director is telling you to go up the PADI ladder and become MSDT.  You are still thinking about passing the IE and like the sales pitch, you listen but you don’t register,  and are nervous enough to become an OWSI.  Then the IE is there, you realize your Course Director was right by saying IE stands for “It’s Easy”!  9 out of 10 candidates exit the room with a feeling of euphoria and relief.  The IDC was way more intense than this!  Continue reading

go pro


Remember your first breath underwater?  How many times did people ask you this?  As a PADI pro, they remind you loads of times to think about your first experience, picture yourself in your students position.  My first experience was awesome, it was cold and murky but I enjoyed it very much.  It made me want to continue to get certified!  of course I had no intention to make it a profession.  I was a chef and enjoyed cooking, running tables and talking to people about everything and nothing.  One of my friends was taking the divemaster course and I had a peak in his encyclopedia.  Wow, you must be crazy, so much information, it seems like you are studying to become a doctor!  Currently the divemaster course has changed and it all seems so much easier. :)

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Kids point of view

Back in front of the class at the Green life Academy.  Last week we assigned teams of 2 students to create a project on their assigned endangered marine creature.  Emily and Christa were team Turtle and handed in a great paper on the problems the turtles in Costa Rica have to face.  This is their conclusion: Continue reading

humpback whale

Humpback whales on your very first Open water dives

Yesterday was an awesome day to dive!  Just picture the day of 3 Norwegian girls just travelling Costa Rica and then deciding to get PADI certified. They called us up last week, made the reservation and 3 days ago they were sitting in the classroom behind the video. Now after 2 long days of theory and pool they were ready for dive 1 and 2 of their open water course.  Continue reading


Recycle class

Yesterday we were back in the classroom with the kids :)  This time our lectures were about recycling.  Did you know it takes about 2 years for a cigarette bud to disappear?  Not only that, but what happens when it gets thrown on the beach?  High tide takes it into the ocean where it will float and most probably end up in a stomach of a fish or turtle. (this is only one of the main reasons we do not allow smoking on our dive boats) Continue reading