Master Scuba Diver Trainer

Here at Rich Coast Diving we have been focusing on teaching specialties, this gives the staff some variety in teaching.  When you join our team as a OWSI we highly recommend you climb the ladder with the start of becoming an MSDT.  This rating makes you more knowledgeable and your  work weeks are way more interesting.   Continue reading


Proud to live in Costa Rica

Well the game is over, The Lions beat the Sloths. Of all the World cup games I have seen I have to say this was one of the best ones ever, one I will never forget. Chapeau for the Ticos. I don’t think we have ever encountered a more sportive attitude than the happiest people in the world. PURA VIDA gets a real meaning! Continue reading

scuba diver

Tips for PADI scuba divers and referrals on the road

There are different options to obtain your PADI certification, Of course we know the PADI Open Water course, where you get certified to become a diver and explore different dive sites all over the world; however some people do not have the time to sit through a course for at least 4 days or their financial status is in the way or any other personal reason there might be to not do this course. Continue reading

turtle rescue

Kids Marine Science: Turtles and Smokers

Did you know that each cigarette contains more than 3,900 chemicals? Cigarette butts contain the toxic residue of these chemicals. In clean-up events worldwide, the number one item of litter is cigarette butts. There are more butts thrown into the environment than any other single item.  Today we had our first Kids Marine Science class and we choose to focus on this BIG problem. Continue reading

search & recovery

Kayla, Guest Blogger: Search and Recovery Dive & Last Thoughts


Look at that face!

I can now officially say that I am an advanced open water diver, hooray! I finished the last of my required dives today with a search and recovery dive, but we started out the day with a fun dive at Tortuga. It seemed as though all of my favorite sea creatures knew that it was my last dive of this trip and came out to send me off. Continue reading


Kayla, Guest Blogger: Deep Dive

I did the 4th of my 5 dives for my advanced course this Saturday: the deep dive. It sounds a lot more menacing than it actuallyDeepDiver is. We dove to about 24 meters to satisfy the advanced diver requirements, and of course to see some cool marine life! We went to the local Argentina dive site where the water was about 30° C and the visibility was excellent. Continue reading