Hola from the intern house!


Welcome to Casa Ballena. The intern house of Rich Coast Diving. We have people living here throughout the PADI ladder from instructors to dive masters in training and rescue divers along with our 2 cats momo and suka. Continue reading


Animal abuse for selfies

Just any ordinary day off and I am scrolling down my Facebook page.  I scrolled down on a photo of a former classmate with a selfie  holding a baby shark.  The comments underneath were all positive and I could not believe my eyes.  People saying “Thank God it is just a baby”  got my neck hairs to rise even more. Continue reading


To Bring or not to Bring….your cert card on a trip?

Here at the dive shop we always ask for our divers to show their certification card when they sign up for any type of dive.  I am always so surprised how many people make a comment that they were never asked to show it on previous dive trips or we are the first to ask in many years! Continue reading

Martin van Gestel

My next experience – the Advanced

The Open Water certification was absolutely not enough for me! I discovered that diving is addicting. I want to develop myself and become a better diver. The next step for me was the PADI Advanced Open Water Certification.
This course is to gain more experience in diving and to get more confidant underwater. For me it was an opportunity to try a sample of different specialties to see what I think is interesting to do. Continue reading


For the first time; I am a DIVER!

I woke up and felt this excitement in my stomach! Why? I always wanted to take scuba diving lessons and see the world beneath the waves! Today it was time for my PADI Open Water Diver course! This is where it started for me! I learned how the use basic scuba gear, how to dive safely and of course now I can discover the underwater world! Continue reading

padi freediver

Freediving is becoming more popular


We get more questions every year about freediving, here at Rich Coast Diving. That’s in line with the trend of freediving becoming more popular. Films such as The Big Blue help the awareness about this beautiful way of diving. As we get many questions about the disciplines of free diving, here’s a first introduction for you:

What is free diving? Continue reading

who are the ticos3

Why Costa Rica?

More and more people are looking for a change in their pace of life. If you are one of them and you are looking for an internship in the dive world then keep on reading. The Divemaster internship might be exactly what you’re seeking next. Both Costa Rica and Bali are highly frequented when people seek this PADI certification. Continue reading