For the first time; I am a DIVER!

I woke up and felt this excitement in my stomach! Why? I always wanted to take scuba diving lessons and see the world beneath the waves! Today it was time for my PADI Open Water Diver course! This is where it started for me! I learned how the use basic scuba gear, how to dive safely and of course now I can discover the underwater world! Continue reading

padi freediver

Freediving is becoming more popular


We get more questions every year about freediving, here at Rich Coast Diving. That’s in line with the trend of freediving becoming more popular. Films such as The Big Blue help the awareness about this beautiful way of diving. As we get many questions about the disciplines of free diving, here’s a first introduction for you:

What is free diving? Continue reading

who are the ticos3

Why Costa Rica?

More and more people are looking for a change in their pace of life. If you are one of them and you are looking for an internship in the dive world then keep on reading. The Divemaster internship might be exactly what you’re seeking next. Both Costa Rica and Bali are highly frequented when people seek this PADI certification. Continue reading


My first try in the ocean.

My first time in Costa Rica, my first time for 6 months from home and last but not least; my first time diving! For everything there is a first time. I always loved the ocean with all the animals and the beauty. Diving is was my bucket list! Continue reading


Reaching Platinum

2015 ended nice for us here at Rich Coast Diving.  Our airport is getting bigger and more tourist are discovering the beauty of Costa Rica.  There are now direct flights from England which creates a nice melt pot of British and American English in the town.   Continue reading

Padi advanced

This confuses the **** out of me

Climbing the PADI ladder is a dream for many of us, and as a Course Director we train many dive masters and instructors. At this moment we are in the middle of a PADI IDC and yesterday we covered standards and the candidates are practicing looking up standards in their instructor manual. Now this morning we covered the advanced course and this is where I received the comment of the title of this blog. Continue reading


Reasons why nudibranchs are such incredible creatures


If you did not know, nudibranchs are molluscs, specifically from the Gastropoda class. As it is common in that specie, nudibranchs have, at some point of their lives, a shell. This happens when they are still a larve,  while they grow up the shell disappears. During their adult lives they don’t really need that shell. Even though  it could be considered as good protection for those tiny creatures. Continue reading