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This confuses the **** out of me

Climbing the PADI ladder is a dream for many of us, and as a Course Director we train many dive masters and instructors. At this moment we are in the middle of a PADI IDC and yesterday we covered standards and the candidates are practicing looking up standards in their instructor manual. Now this morning we covered the advanced course and this is where I received the comment of the title of this blog. Continue reading


Reasons why nudibranchs are such incredible creatures


If you did not know, nudibranchs are molluscs, specifically from the Gastropoda class. As it is common in that specie, nudibranchs have, at some point of their lives, a shell. This happens when they are still a larve,  while they grow up the shell disappears. During their adult lives they don’t really need that shell. Even though  it could be considered as good protection for those tiny creatures. Continue reading


Tropical Christmas

Christmas holidays?
This year I spend my first Christmas away from home, from my city and from my family. It is true I missed lots of things from Spain, but on the other hand I have been able to enjoy how other cultures spend Christmas. Continue reading


A touch of grace: learn more about the spotted eagle ray

One of the great attractions of the Playas del Coco dive sites is the always graceful spotted eagle ray. These rays are unique from other ray species in several ways. Rather than having a flat body style that extends out into a wide wingspan, they have a bill-like snout and a flat, disk shaped body from which the wings extend. Continue reading


Making the most of your dive internship

There are lots of post about internships and loads of discussions.  Talking about FREE labor or slaves in the dive industry.  This of course is totally up to you as the intern.  You can get the most out of an internship if you give it your most.  An internship is definitely not a free divemaster or idc,  it means you work for your certification!   Continue reading

Seal Beach, UNITED STATES:  Michael Pless, dressed in a Santa wetsuit and beard enjoys a Christmas eve surf at Seal Beach, California, early 24 December 2006.  Warm temperatures are forcast for Christmas in southern California.  Pless, a surfing instructor, also has a tuxedo wetsuit for New Years eve.  AFP PHOTO / Robyn BECK  (Photo credit should read ROBYN BECK/AFP/Getty Images)

Santa Claus is coming to town

As many of you know Rich Coast Diving is owned by a Martin and Brenda from the Netherlands.  Our team consists of all nationalities and this always brings many discussions about customs and habits.  I noticed that during the holidays there is even more talk about how we celebrate  back home. Continue reading



Since I was a child, my objective was to become a PADI professional. Recently, thanks to my internship with Rich Coast Diving, I have been able to achieve it. First I became a Divemaster and thanks to Rich Coast Diving instructors I was introduced to the good practices required to be a good professional. Continue reading