Project AWARE is a registered nonprofit organization working with volunteer scuba divers. Its currently stated focus is on two issues: “sharks in peril” and marine debris, and it is active in 180 countries   One of these countries being Costa Rica.   Continue reading

free diving

Freediving in Costa Rica

Across generations and experience levels, freedivers are commonly lost for words to recount the feeling of moving effortlessly underwater in one breath. One thing they all agree on is that freediving is addictive. Continue reading

front desk

IDC news: Reasons to go PRO

You are doing your divemaster and love the ocean and think this is life, now your instructor kinda blows your bubble, he tells you to go one step higher!  Really you just invested time and money into being a PADI Pro and you wanted to safe that extra cash to travel the world and now there is this “dive Guru” telling you that this is not IT! Continue reading


Coco Dive Soap blog by and for divers; Internship

For those of you following our Dive Gossip column I have to say it has been quiet on this side of the world.  Our intern consistency has changed form a group of 100% male to 100% female!  Expected was more drama but it seems to be less. ( Great going girls!)  We started slow, still 3 male dmt’s on their last few weeks to finishing when the first girl arrived. Continue reading


The Woodlouse, a.k.a Roly poly

I remember when I was a little kid we used to go camping all the time.  I am not a iPhone generation so we played outside and collected bugs or chased butterflies.  One of my favorite was the Roly-Poly, or better know as the woodlouse.  You could fool people and pretend you had raisins, cuz once you touch them they roll up in little balls and look just like a yummy licorice or raisin. (no I did not eat them) :) Continue reading


PADI DEEP Specialty

Using our depth finder we are searching for a spot where its 40 meters deep, I’m really excited, I can’t wait to jump in the water and start to descend. My deepest dive was around 27 meters, and now we are going to touch the 40 meters! We finally found a spot where its 40 meters, so we throw out the anchor line. Continue reading


How to start your new Dive live?

Your first open water dive… The best experience ever! My first dive experience was a few weeks ago. I did a DSD with my instructor Barbara .The first time underwater, it make you speechless. I was a little nervous in the beginning because I didn’t know what to expect but after a few minutes underwater I forgot all my fears and just loved it. I discovered a whole new world: the many schools of colorful fish above you, the super elegant eagle ray swimming beside you and in the end we saw a real shark! It was a lifetime experience! I’ll never forget my first breaths underwater.

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