Laughs and laughs with the pussy divers

Diving is a vacation for most people. I am mean, working in the dive industry is basically a vacation as well, am I right instructors?  Here in Costa Rica we are located in one of the favorite travel destinations which, lucky for us is growing into a dive destination as well.  Costa Rica has so much to offer tourists, with its beautiful nature and inland activities, that diving sometimes becomes a second option.  However, slowly divers are coming to our beautiful country just to dive! Continue reading

go Pro

The meaning of a Divemaster Internship

Going Pro and taking the next step on the PADI ladder is a dream for many.  Now it so happens that the dive industry gives many opportunities to grow, even if you do not have piles of cash.  There are many types of internships available.  Now this does not mean you get your Divemaster for free, it means you work for reaching that goal.   Some people are against it and say it is just cheap labor, but in my opinion interns can become great dive masters.  If you’re  interested in doing an internship, make sure you do some research, don’t end up at a shop where you just log tanks around and party every night. Take this step serious. Continue reading


Puffer fish blowing up as a defense mechanism


the Facebook picture

Yesterday I noticed a disturbing photo on Facebook and judging by the comments I believe these people had no clue what they had done.  Other people were commenting on how cool this was as well, so I am going to try and explain the behavior of a puffer fish blowing up. Continue reading

rich coast thank you

My Ocean Challenge

Last week we organized a big event called JAWESOME. It was a great success and thanks to many donations for our raffle tickets, big sale of T-shirts plus food and drinks at Zi lounge we raised a total of $1800 to donate to Project Aware to help them to safe our sharks. Continue reading



Project AWARE is a registered nonprofit organization working with volunteer scuba divers. Its currently stated focus is on two issues: “sharks in peril” and marine debris, and it is active in 180 countries   One of these countries being Costa Rica.   Continue reading

free diving

Freediving in Costa Rica

Across generations and experience levels, freedivers are commonly lost for words to recount the feeling of moving effortlessly underwater in one breath. One thing they all agree on is that freediving is addictive. Continue reading

front desk

IDC news: Reasons to go PRO

You are doing your divemaster and love the ocean and think this is life, now your instructor kinda blows your bubble, he tells you to go one step higher!  Really you just invested time and money into being a PADI Pro and you wanted to safe that extra cash to travel the world and now there is this “dive Guru” telling you that this is not IT! Continue reading