Bat islands

2 days in a row I went to the Bat islands.  We planned to go to the Catalinas. but the ocean was flat as a lake, so Bat islands seemed the right place to go.  Did we make the right decision! Both days were awesome.  The first dive site was big scare.  The name came about because it’s famous for the bull sharks, and boy did we see bull sharks!  At a depth of 12 meters we had about 5 or 6 just circling around us.  Adrenaline rushing through your body and screams left and right of buddies trying to point out more to each other.   The feeling is hard to describe.  The make the dive complete we encountered a giant manta.  this was a divers dream we thought.  Just as we were on our ways up to make a safety stop, 3 sail fish came to check us out!  What more can we want????   We decided to do the second dive at the same site, and once again, bulls everywhere. I looked at my computer and noticed we saw 2 bull sharks within the first minute of our dive.  i was happy, my day was finished.

The second day was Bills B-day and we went back to Bats again.  The first dive once again big scare and the bull sharks were still around.  On the surface interval we saw some turtles mating and this was a great spectacle as well.  The second dive was Black Rock.  Unbelievable, great viz and loads, I mean loads of fish.  We saw every kind of school you can imagine, from grunts, Pompano, spades, snappers, jacks, you name it.  At the corner of the rock we bumped into about 25 spotted eagle rays and to top  of the dive we saw 2 dolphins cruise over just as we were doing our safety stop.

Man these 2 days were magnificent!!!

Brenda ( today we have another bats trip, hope it went just as well!)


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