Hermosa Bosque del Mar

Playa Hermosa dive center

Playa Hermosa dive center

Today we opened our doors of the new dive office in Playa Hermosa. I am sitting at my desk and can still smell the paint of the walls, tomorrow I’ll bring a glade candle to change the smell. Tomorrow I will also get my new computer so I can have some music as well.
I already had my first reservation for tomorrow a couple of snorklers and for August 1st 3 divers for 5 days. Not bad after sitting here only 3 hours. This afternoon I am back in coco because there is a big rescue class that needs to do their first pool session. The high season has started and I am having fun.
Why don’t you come and have a look at our new divecenter in Hermosa?
tel (506)83914890 / (506) 26720046 ext 405
Once all the computers are running we will change our website and add our new shop.
later happy bubbles


2 thoughts on “Hermosa Bosque del Mar

  1. Congrats Brenda…..I’m outta country till late Sep. I look fwd to coming by your new shop when I get back. I’m on the look out for some used SCUBA gear to buy, let me know if you know of any.

    Pura Vida


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