August 2009 IDC

August 2009 IDC

So we finsihed another sucessfull IDC.  the 10 day program went very smooth and we even had time to have some fun.  All the guys had a great sense of humor and Stephen form the US  caused for quit a few laughs.  Do you know the siganl for diver in distress, or how about surfacing an unconsious diver??  haha  These signals caused some confusing but loads of laughs afterwards.  Teaching the knots is not everyones favorite, but eh, what’s got  to be done, has to be done!   The IE went pretty relaxed and the examiner Eric was also in for a bit of a laugh.   To take off all the pressure we organized a Bat island trip for all the IE candidates.  They had a great trip!  Mantas and Bull sharks were spotted and to top the day, they also saw a hump back whale with a baby jumping at the surface.  The day was closed with a rib and chicken party.  Of course all the funny moments of the last 12 days had to be told to fellow instructors who in their turn had a good laugh as well.

Teh next IDC will start on December 4th.  first we are getting ready to go to the DEMA in Orlando. Want to meet us there?  send us a note.

Happy Bubbles.



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