Rob’s Birthday

A day out

Yesterday it was Rob’s birthday, one of our instructors,  and we went on a boat trip with a couple of friends. We left the bay around one and we started with fishing. The plan was to catch some fish and cook it for dinner with all of us. Unfortunately, the fish were smarter than us and we didn’t catch anything. After a couple hours of fishing we decided to go to playa huevos, one of the nicest beaches in Guanacaste, to swim and relax a little. Playa Huevos is beautiful and I would suggest everyone to go there . It has this nice little cave where you can swim in, and a small hill with an amazing view, you can even see Catalinas from there!   After the beach we were about to head back to Coco when we saw dolphins jumping and playing behind the boat. They jumped really high out of the water and we all were very excited. Once the dolphins were done playing the captain told us there were whales around. Let’s go to the whales! The whale wasn’t that playful as the dolphins were, but it was amazing to see the whale especially with the sunset on the background. The trip couldn’t end better. Once we got back to Coco we decided to go for dinner at Coco palms. Not everybody showed up but after all this was an amazing day! Can’t wait for the next trip!


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