Past few weeks


brendaCongratulations to Brenda and Felipe! Brenda became a Master Instructor and Felipe an Open Water Scuba Instructor. We are very happy they made it to the next level! Felipe already has his first 4 dsd’s today, and is about to go to the pool with them.


Another thing we are very happy about is the Bat Island trips. All the trips we have done the past couple weeks were amazing. The last time they went they saw 4 bull sharks coming right at them, and during the surface interval they saw some whales. What else can you ask for?

july 5 05 010

In Hermosa everything is quiet but that gives us more time to work on the promotion. We have free pool sessions every day, except Sunday, and our marketing intern made some very nice flyers to give to the guests. We expect that we will be very busy in Hermosa around November.

In Coco everything is running very smoothly. Even though it is low season we have enough customers that want to dive with us. Bat Island trips, courses, fun diving. In November it will be a very busy month with big groups but we are definitely looking forward to it!

Last but not least, we had an interesting PADI Member forum held by Jose. He explained new PADI standards, some marketing tools, and gave us some examples.

Overall, we had some very interesting weeks, and looking forward to the upcoming weeks.



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