Tourism and the Ocean

This weekend the organization “Promar” hosted a course for all divers. Many dive centers were present including of course the Rich   Coast Crew.  Unfortunately not all could go seeing that the course took 3 days and yes, the shops still need to run.  6 of us took the course including me.  One prerequisite was that you had to speak Spanish, seeing that was the spoken language of the teachers.  The first day started at 3pm. I was pretty tired because I had been sitting at the immigration office the whole morning waiting for a piece of paper. so the first  10 minutes they talked about the  mangroves and I thought by myself it was going to be a hard afternoon.  But it was nothing like that.  It got very interesting and we learned alot about the different kind of fish and their behaviors.  The best part was that they covered many myths that people spread around about sharks, dolphins and pre-historic creatures.  After the classroom time of 2 days we went on the baot and visited the Mangroves and we were able to identify the different types.  We learned how to recognize the difference between a male and a female crab, and studies some slugs.  After that we went for a snorkel trip, on the way we were very lucky: a family of dolphins were feeding and we stayed around for about 20 minutes and listen to our guide go on about this great mammals.  All of us being divers it was funny to get a snorkel guide.  Telling us not to put our mask on top of our head ect.  the best part was all the information that was giving with every different specie we saw.   The viz was great and we saw white tip reef shark, spotted eagle ray and big schools of fish, we even spotted an octopus.  After our adventure we went back to the classroom to receive our certificates along with a sandwich.  A very great course and Rich Coast Diving would like to thank the guys from Promar for their input.



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