Rincon de la Vieja

Rich Coast at GauchipilinLast Sunday we went to Rincon de la Vieja with almost all the Rich Coast crew. The reason for this adventurous day trip was Brenda’s birthday. Well, it was actually her pre-birthday party since her birthday is not untill the 21st of October. However we had a blast!

We rented a little bus, and left at 7 am from Rich Coast. Our first stop was the McDonalds in Liberia. We had to pick up one of our instructors but were a little bit faster than expected so we had some time to drink a cup of coffee. After the coffee we continued driving and arrived around 8:30am at the national park. Upon arrival we could start with our first tour immediatly. We started off with the Canopy tour. After a short introduction about what to do, and especially about what not to do we started with our first zip line. For some of us it was their first experience in the jungle, but for none them it was a problem. Everybody was really excited, and on some zip lines you could go upside down, resulting in some great and funny pictures! After the Canopy tour we came back, drank some starfruit juice, and had to go for our next tour, Tubing. The bus brought us, and a couple other clients to the place where we started the tubing. After another short introduction we walked down to the river. After some scary stories about wild water, falling over, and hard times to get back into your tube again, we were ready to go. It was hard to stay all together since there were so many more other customers, but still we had fun. Unfortunetly the water wasn’t that wild since it hasn’t been raining that much, but for some of us just wild enough. Once the tubing ended we had lunch. We were all really hungry and the food was great! A big buffet with everything you wanted; soup, rice, beans, spagetti, pork, chicken, beef, salad, desserts. We filled our stomachs and went off for the horseback riding. Again for some of us their first experience on this animal, but fortunatly nobody felt off. The guide brought us to this amazing waterfall where we could swim and jump off the rocks in the water . We stayed there for about half an hour, got back on our horses again, and got to our last activity of the day; the Hot springs and Mud baths. First we went into the sauna to get our pores open, then we covered ourselfs in mud, went into the hotsprings, then into a cold bath. After this our skin felt amazing, so soft!

We definitely had a great time and hope we can do something like this again in the near future!



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