A day of diving

Everyone knows that ones you start running a dive center you do not get as much diving time in as you would like. well same counts for me, Last week 2 of my friends came over from Holland and I took the time to take them on 2 dives. The day did not start they way I hoped because I hit my head on the car back door (don’t ask) and I was bleeding pretty bad, but this could not ruin the fun. The good times started when we spotted a big group of pilot whales swimming along the boat. Our first dive was at pt. Argentina, not the best viz and many thermo clines, but a great dive. In the first minute I spotted 5 spotted eagle rays, but unfortunately my friends missed them. However, the many giant stingrays made up for it. We saw loads of them especially once we went down through the thermo clines. At the end of the dive one of my friends spotted another spotted eagle ray and when we got everyone’s attention, it never seemed to stop, we must have counted at least 30 of them! The second stop was at Tortuga, shark city. There was a group of 6 white tip reef sharks all crowded together. This finalized the day for my friends; they had an excellent day of diving and so did I.


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