Great start of 2011

Wow!  That is what most divers said when they returned from the Catalina islands yesterday.  In the morning they spotted orcas, which got everyone excited of course.  To make the whole scenery more exciting, the orcas started chasing the rays who were jumping all around us.  The rays formed big groups to fool the orcas, they even tried to hide under the boat,  but these big guys have experience and jumped right at them. 

After a few attacks they were satisfied and swam off.  The surviving rays could relax again and started jumping around the boat once again.  It was like nothing had ever happened, and now we still had to get ready for our first dive of the day.  Wow, what a start!

All of this month we have been spotting rays around, devil rays, cow nose rays and even loads of giant manta rays at the local dive sites.


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