Great day of Diving

Today I went mapping with 2 dmt’s.  On the first dive site (Argentina) it was Emily’s turn to guide, so me and Tom followed her along the reef.  We saw many different  Eels and here and there an octopus.  Then on the sand patch we encountered about 4 white tip reef sharks, which was a great surprise because it seemed they had left this dive site, but luckily they have returned!  Teh visibility was good, temperature about 30 Celsius with the occasional Thermocline………….which made paradise for the giant stingrays because they seemed to be every where; we almost witnessed a collision of a white tip with a stingray.  the small harlequin clownshrimp was also spotted and loads of scorpion fish.   All in all a great dive.  Tom was very ecstatic because he saw two moray eels in a mating dance.

The second dive we did at Tortuga.  Now it was time to map the dive site.  Of course we had time to look around as well and this too, was a great dive, we saw more sharks, some swimming around and some just taking life as us; the pura vida style, lounging about in their cave  We enjoyed all the rays; stingrays, spotted eagle rays, round rays and on our safety stop a school of

One of the eels we saw on our dive

rays.  I choose a perfect day to go diving.


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