Sidemount diving

Rich Coast Diving is going TEC!

Jeff Loflin, a tec specialist came to Costa Rica to introduce the sidemount diving to Rich Coast Diving.  At the DEMA in Orlando there was a tec day and we had done a small trial on the sidemount and absolutely loved it.  After a 3 day training with Jeff during the Thanksgiving break, we can now say that we are the only dive center in Costa Rica where you can get certified as a sidemount diver.

What is sidemount Diving?  It originated from the cave divers.  You click 2 tanks on the side of your harness and you can decide if you want them on your sides or if you want to click the bottom part loose so you can point them in front of you for easy access into caves or wrecks.   The big advantage is that you do not have to put the tank on your bcd untill you are in the water!  Tanks will be attached to lines so just imagine, no more bumpy walks on the boat, trying to stabilize yourself!  Want something different during your vacation?  Give it a try.  We offer full certification in 2 days and Instructor certification for just one more day.

Want to know more?  send us an email

Rich Coast Diving


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