IDC presentations

DSC08338As we all know, exams can create stress. Once divers get “hooked” and take the step towards the Pro level, they seem to breeze through the divemaster training with a sigh here and there, but overall they seem to be reaching their goal with a comfortable and fun attitude.  Now the next step towards the IDC makes it a bit more anxious.  Some dive masters come in very confident and others seem a bit weary.  After the first day of listening to their Course Director they are tired but think it is not so bad as expected.  Then they get their first assignment of doing a knowledge presentation.  You should see their relief on their faces after they find out the staff will help them out on the first presentation; this resulting usually in a passing score!  Now they are really confident.  The end of the day they receive their confined water presentation and the next day we go to the pool for the 24 skill circuit and after lunch it is time for their CW presentations.  Now this is where the nerves come back and all of a sudden they are forgetting how to say certain words in English or how to even perform the skill in demonstration level.  Having some IDC Staff members help them out brings the stress level down again.  At the end of the session we have all happy faces in the class, they gained loads of new information and feel they can handle every open water student that will come along.  Of course having fun in the pool helps this confident feeling as well.  The IDC is a serious course but we always seem to find plenty of time to have fun, like doing the scuba dance for regulator recovery in the dsd workshop.  Today we are having a day for the candidates to go on a fun dive so tomorrow they will be full prepared for their Open water teaching presentations!!


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