Divemaster training

coco, beach, divingAfter every vacation comes an end, and reality comes straight back once you get off the plane.  Today 2 of our newly certified divemasters are going home. Back to the Netherlands to celebrate Christmas with snow.  A few months ago they had sent us an email and inquired about the dm training.  A 3 month internship seemed a bit much for them and they decided on paying for the course and taking a month to do it.   Last night we had them over for dinner and guess what?  They wished they had taken 3 months instead of 1, not just for the training but also for the fun.  They did not expect to have so much fun being a dive leader.  They never thought divers would thank them for a great trip and be so grateful.  So now what?  They are thinking about coming back and do the IDC and then stay at least 3 months to get some experience, they are even thinking about taking a sabbatical!  So for those still thinking about taking the step….Just DO IT!  You will not regret becoming a dive pro and where better than with sun shine and happy people? (Costa Rica has been voted as the happiest population in the world…hence the quote: PURA VIDA)


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