The Manta Ray

mantaManta rays have a cartilaginous skeleton, several external gill openings and the biggest brain of all fish species relative to body size. Manta rays are also the largest ray in the sea, they are measured by their disc width not their length like many sharks and ray species.  There are two currently recognized Manta ray species, the Giant Manta (Manta birostris) and the Reef Manta (Manta alfredi). In some locations the two species of Manta share habitats in the area where they live (sympatry), whereas in other regions the two species do not occur together(allopatry).

Does this sound interesting to you?  We have now 2 Manta Ray specialists.  Both Martin and Brenda are certified to teach the project Aware distinctive Manta Ray specialty.  We will teach you all about their behavior and how to interact with them, but more importantly you will be part of a research project to register and protect the Giant manta!  for more info please send us an email:


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