Fresh 2013


After 3 very busy weeks with many divers we finally had a day where we could start normal at 7.30 am instead of 6 am.  Divers were out and there were 2 of us left behind in the shop for the so called “cleaning and organizing” everything after the hectic holidays.  a few weeks ago I had ordered some new displays for the shop which were still just laying in the back due to lack of time.  So where better to start our cleaning process?  We moved everything off the walls, and scrubbed them; people who have been to Coco before can know that the dry season is very dusty, so now the walls look bright and shiny again!  everything got moved around including my desk 🙂  Right now I have a great view of the street and everything seems a lot brighter.  Where my desk used to be is now a new area for all our TEC retail.  On the left we have Scubapro TEC gear and Hollis TEC equipment in the middle fins and boots and on the left Scubapro and Waterproof wetsuits 3 and 5 mm.  Sitting here and looking around I can’t help but think we should have done this a long time ago.  So yesterday I had the privilege of placing new orders because now we have more space to fill 🙂  Curious to see what our shop looks like?  Come in, I’ll be here and we can have a coffee!


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