It is time to start our See our Sea project again for 2013.  This year we are going to try to raise some funds for Project Aware, in order to support their campaign against Shark Finning.

We will have a 3 day program March 28th – March 30th.  This will be in focus for the PADI Shark Specialty and the PADI Manta Specialty.  The first day we will start off with a beach clean up and a drawing contest for the kids.  The afternoon will be lectures and movies about Sharks. The second day will be 2 shark dives, and then manta lectures in the afternoon followed by a night dive.  The last day will be a Catalina island trip to do the manta dives, and in the afternoon the fundraiser swim  “finathon”.  Here we are looking for swimmers who can get sponsors to donate for their input to swim against shark finning.  Of course there will be refreshments afterwards, with live music and entertainment form various artists.

For more info look for our facebook page or send us an email!/seeoursea?fref=ts


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