Courses, Courses!


This week we welcome a new staff member to the crew, Barbara. She speaks fluent Italian, English and Spanish and is going to be working as both photographer and instructor.

We’re also getting the key for our Villas Sol office tomorrow,  Brenda and Barbara will set up the opening and from now on we will be conducting try dives and other training courses in the Villas Sol pool for their guests. We will be starting pick ups for Villas Sol guests from Playa Hermosa for all divers in groups larger than 4.  Otherwise we can arrange lifts by car.

The water has warmed up!   We spotted a rare and huge butterfly ray yesterday, a nice surprise for the group of certified divers!

The deep divers have finished their specialty course and are about to finish with Search and Recovery  tomorrow. In the coming week we are going to be conducting a Rescue Course,  Navigation specialty, Discover Scuba Divers and promoting our shark conservation specialties.

Remember the IDC starts April 1st for any of you that want to come and join; there’s still time to sign up!


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