Rescue and currents!

Today we have rescue in the big, choppy ocean. I was a bit nervous to be  fair mostly because there’s so much to remember for it! And I didn’t  particularly feel like being drowned again a la Tom in the swimming pool.
We started off with doing some under the surface skills like  unresponsive diver under the water. I found I remembered a lot more than I  thought I was going to, apparently some stuff had sunk in! We then practiced  unresponsive diver on the surface where I had to tow Tom a couple of times back  to the boat, which by the way in the ocean is hard.   I then had to lift Tom up  the ladder of the boat with Jaime the captain helping, also not easy. This being  a rescuer is hard work!
We had a short break when the other divers came  up and after we had to practice some surface skills

Could I look more special?


 Unfortunately by  this point the wind had seriously picked up and there was a really strong  current in the water, not so helpful for surface skills. We started off with me  attempting to throw a buoy as a rescue assist, to be fair I managed to throw it  pretty far but by the time I had my victims had drifted way off with the current  and it didn’t quite reach them. 1 point to the ocean, nil points to me. I then  had to rush and get my fins, snorkel on etc to do an in water rescue which is  where the mammoth amount of towing began. Towing a person with no current is  tiring but towing against one is exhausting! After I did two  long tows I got to  play the victim and had to pretend to drown which is way more fun than being a  rescuer! I also got to pretend drown Carlos for a bit while Julian worked out  how to rescue us, also fun. Then I got to be towed which is actually rather  relaxing when you’re not the one doing all the work. Then unfortunately I was  back to the towing so after about the 4th/5th time I thought I was going to have  to be rescue as a tired diver because I was knackered!
But it wasn’t  over yet, because as I had predicted, Tom who had been on a dive, came up as an  ‘unresponsive diver on the surface’. I was at the time grappling with a weight  belt and didn’t even hear Brenda say that we had to go and help him but Julian  had gone off after him. By the time I realised Tom had floated off about 30-40  metres from the boat, as I had already rescued Carlos in a similar situation I  was kind of hoping I didn’t have to go but off I went. After swimming super far  to get to Tom and Julian I then decided that it would be a good idea that I tow  them back to the boat whilst Julian did rescue breathing. This turned out to be  a terrible idea because I ended up with Julian’s weight belt in my swimming hand  whilst dragging two people 40m back to the boat against the strong current


The rescue crew

The rescue crew


I thought that surely in this sort of  situation someone would throw us a buoy but they decided not to so we could  probably practice towing or as I like to call it drowning through exhaustion. I  actually said that Tom could drown just so I could stop swimming. Next time  Julian can tow haha, much better plan! After we got to the boat I ended up with  Julian’s weight belt and both Tom and Julian’s inflated BCD’s which made it  pretty easy to float and very hard to swim. So I basically floated off whilst  shouting “throw me a buoy!” I eventually got one but I had floated too far,  basically off to shore, and it didn’t reach me therefore meaning more swimming.  So yeah rescue diver, fun but exhausting!
Next time we have to do  scenarios in the ocean to finish off the rescue diver. I’ve done the exams so  that’s the last thing to do now! Then on to divemaster!



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