Top 3 Reasons to Get SCUBA Certified

Getting a scuba certification can be a great asset to people who love to dive and explore the beauty of the oceans. After all, 70% of the planet is covered in water and the best way to explore it is on scuba!

However, many people decide not to become certified in scuba diving because they feel that it takes too much time or is too much work. Many people do not think they will ever really need a scuba certification. There are many benefits to scuba certification, though, and most people eventually find that these benefits far outweigh the disadvantages.

Scuba Certification = Safety

Reasons to Get Scuba Certified SafetyThe most important reason to become certified in scuba diving is for safety. Scuba certification requires that all students who are attempting to gain a license are taught by a professional scuba instructor. These experienced instructors ensure that each student is given the proper scuba training. Scuba training consists of learning how all of the equipment works and learning all the various safety procedures. These skills and knowledge are covered in a classroom environment, in a pool or pool-like conditions, and again in a real open water environment. Those receiving scuba training in order to become certified will also get a great deal of hands-on diving experience, which can make future dives safer, easier and more fun.

Rent Gear for Future Dives

Reasons to Get Scuba Certified Gear RentalAnother great reason to get a scuba certification is because it makes it very simple to rent equipment and go on dives around the world. Most scuba divers that are traveling to distant locations in order to enjoy some new scenery or marine life do not take all of their scuba gear with them. It is too bulky and, often, too expensive to transport. Instead, scuba enthusiasts rent their equipment, either from a dive shop or from a dive tour.

The dive shop that rents the scuba gear always wants to make certain that the customers renting the equipment have some idea of what they are doing. Rental shops need to ensure that they can vouch for the safety of the diver, and also that they will be getting their equipment back in one piece. To guarantee to a shop that a diver has the necessary experience, a scuba certification is required. Showing a certification card (some people may refer to it as a license) makes it very simple for divers to rent equipment or join a scuba group. Without a certification, it can be much harder to rent equipment. Some shops will not rent gear to unlicensed divers at all, while others require a rigorous test before renting.

Enjoy Your Dives More

Reasons to Get Scuba Certified - Enjoy Your Dives MoreIt is possible to join a group dive tour and rent equipment without becoming certified in scuba diving. However, divers who are not certified will not be able to dive on their own. In addition, even when diving with a group, divers without a certification will only be allowed to go on beginner dives with an instructor, and will often miss out on the beauty of a deeper or more challenging dive. This is the third reason why it is so beneficial to have a scuba license.

Divers with a scuba certification can easily dive by themselves, wherever or whenever they want to. In addition, when diving with a group, divers that are certified are usually invited to join the intermediate or experienced dive groups. These dive groups may explore many places that beginner divers will not. Currents in these areas may be slightly stronger, or the dive may be more challenging in some other way, but the dive guide can be sure that his group knows what it is doing, since the divers are certified.

A whole new and exciting world of diving awaits those who attain a scuba certification!



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