Villas Sol, Playa Hermosa


As you may have read previously, Rich Coast now has a small shop at the all inclusive resort, Villas Sol, in Playa Hermosa. The resort is very pretty, though there are definitely some steep hills here! Luckily we have realised that there is actually a little shuttle that goes up and down the main hill/mountain so us lazy divers don’t have to traverse it 3 or 4 times a day in the heat! You can often catch 5 or 6 massive iguanas here as well who are lazing happily in the sun acting like guests at Villas Sol.

There’s always two of us who come up here every day and we spend half the day in the shop and half the day at the pool trying to get the hotel guests to catch the diving bug that all of us at Rich Coast have. Like any brand new venture, business has been a little slow to begin with whilst we establish a name here and people realise that we’re open. In the shop the other day I spent it reading my divemaster book and escorting the millipedes that had somehow made it into the shop, outside. One person did come in bit it was to ask me where the gym was!  However now that it is Semana Santa (Easter) it has become a lot busier so I’m sure now we’ve been here 3 weeks the people will come and want to dive.

It would be worth while for them to come out at the moment too considering the water has been perfect the last week. Very clear, 27-28 degrees and tons of marine life. Even my snorkel group yesterday saw a spotted eagle ray and 9 sharks so they certainly wouldn’t be disappointed if they came diving with us!

Shortly after writing this piece we booked 2 divers and 2 snorkelers so I think business is looking up!


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