Why The Pacific Provides the Best Scuba Diving in Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a country known for its warm, tropical weather and extremely diverse wildlife, both on dry land and in the oceans surrounding the area. Because of the vast array of marine life, including fish, crustaceans and corals, Costa Rica is known as a wonderful place to go scuba diving. Divers can experience the beautiful, warm water and rich abundance of marine life on both the Caribbean and Pacific sides of the country. However, the dive spots located off of the Pacific, or western, side of the country, sometimes offer a bit more than those areas on the other side of the country.

Take a look at some of the varied marine life you can expect to see when diving with Rich Coast Diving in Costa Rica, then read on to learn more about our local diving:

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Water Temperature Diversity

One of the main reasons the Pacific Ocean offers the best scuba diving in Costa Rica is because of how the water currents act. Different water currents mix in this area. Warm waters from near the land blend with much cooler currents that drift in from far out in the Pacific Ocean. Water temperatures near Costa Rica vary from 40 degrees Fahrenheit to 80 degrees Fahrenheit, with much of the water in the area a temperature between 65 and 75 degrees Fahrenheit.

These warm water temperatures are luxurious to swim in. In addition, these warm temperatures are also perfect for tropical marine life. However, the slightly warmer and slightly colder temperatures that occasionally drift into the area means that the western coast of Costa Rica is also home to many animal and plant species that are not often found in such tropical waters. This means that the Pacific Ocean region of Costa Rica is truly diverse when it comes to marine life. Hundreds of different types of tropical fish, colorful corals and small, reef dwelling creatures are common sights. Larger ocean creatures such as sharks, manta rays, barracudas, sea turtles and, sometimes, whales can also be spotted.

Excellent Visibility

Isolated, calmer pockets of water near the beautiful beaches and bays along this country’s western coast also give the Pacific region some of the best scuba diving in Costa Rica. On this side of the country, the visibility can sometimes be somewhat less clear than on the Caribbean side. However, visibility is often 50 feet or more, and the calm waters more than make up for any murkiness. Beginner or intermediate divers can feel safe and comfortable while diving in some of the calmer areas. Conversely, there are also many more challenging dive areas for experienced divers who are looking for a bit more of an adventure.

On the western side of the country, it is much easier for people to learn to dive, find a scuba equipment rental store and choose a dive site or dive tour that perfectly suits their abilities.

When looking for the best scuba diving in Costa Rica, it is important for people to take into consideration their ability level, as well as exactly what types of marine life they would like to see. No matter what, the Pacific region of Costa Rica is sure to have a dive site that will suit each individual person, due to its varied landscape, water temperatures and currents.

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