How Do You Get to Costa Rica?

Costa Rica is a fantastic tourist destination for those people who enjoy hiking, viewing wildlife or scuba diving. The beauty of the country and the diversity of the different animals and marine life mean that those visiting Costa Rica will never be bored. However, many potential Costa Rica visitors may wonder, how do you get to Costa Rica?

Get to Costa Rica by Air

One of the easiest ways to get to Costa Rica is to fly. Costa Rica has two international airports. The first is Juan Santamaria International Airport, which is abbreviated SJO. This airport is located in the city of Alajeula, which is almost exactly in the middle of the country.

The other major airport in Costa Rica is Daniel Oduber International Airport. This airport, which is abbreviated LIR, is found in the town of Liberia. Liberia is located in the Guanacaste region of Costa Rica, which is a popular spot for those tourists looking to scuba dive, snorkel or explore the wildlife on land. LIR is roughly a 30 minute taxi ride to Playas del Coco, home of Rich Coast Diving.

Flying to Costa Rica from the United States can take anywhere between three and 24 hours, depending on where the flight starts and how many stops there are. Once in Costa Rica, visitors can take a shorter flight to any of Costa Rica’s many small domestic airports in order to reach their destination. Tourists can also travel by car or bus to reach their final destination after their flight.

Driving to Costa Rica

Get to Costa Rica by CarAnother answer to the question how do you get to Costa Rica is by driving. Depending on where the road trip originates, the drive to Costa Rica can be a long one. However, the drive can also be very exciting, and the people on the trip will be able to enjoy many sights and cultures that they may never have seen before. Travelers who decide to drive to Costa Rica from the United States will drive through Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, a small part of Honduras and Nicaragua before finally crossing into Costa Rica.

If a road trip to Costa Rica starts near the Mexican border in Arizona, New Mexico or western Texas, the drive is just slightly less than 3,000 miles long, and takes between 55 and 60 hours to complete, without any stops. From the Mexican border in California, the drive is slightly longer. It is between 3,200 and 3,400 miles and takes between 59 and 61 hours without stops. If the road trip starts near the southern most part of Texas, the trip is a bit shorter. It takes about 40 to 45 hours without stops, and is just over 2,000 miles long.

Take a Boat to Costa Rica

Get to Costa Rica by BoatYet another answer to how do you get to Costa Rica is by boat. There are many different companies that offer cruises that stop in Costa Rica. Some of these cruises start in Central or South America. However, many cruises that go to Costa Rica start in Florida or California, making it simple for people from the United States to safely and comfortably travel past a great deal of Central America and into Costa Rica. How long each cruise takes, where the boat stops and how long it stops for depends on the particular cruise and the cruise company’s policies.

We do recommend taking a slightly larger boat than the one pictured 🙂

Regardless of your preferred travel methods, there are a variety of ways to get to Costa Rica! Be sure to come visit us at Rich Coast Diving in Playas del Coco!

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