Life as a divemaster intern part 2

554997_10151518675628864_179207972_nDMT’s are back in the pool today helping the IDC out. Today we get to pretend to be students and cause problems when we have to do skills. I joked that I was going to make their lives a living hell and then unintentionally did it anyway by causing a ton of problems that I wasn’t actually meant to be doing. Oops. It was actually pretty fun a lot of the time though although we were in the pool from 9-5 with a one hour break, long time to be in the pool!

After lunch (yum cheeseburger) we had a dsd workshop where all of us had to use the que cards and pretend like we were instructing discover scuba diving students. My first one was on pressure and I used some standard ones about how you need to have your camera in a housing because of the pressure etc and then I also said that is why you would need a submarine or you would get crushed that far down

Sheik shade wear by Sarah

Sheik shade wear by Sarah

. Martin decided to question me on this (as apparently it isn’t true) and said to me things like if he made a tank big enough to go that deep so he wouldn’t run out of air etc, I replied that PADI says you shouldn’t use home made equipment, haha. Anyway apparently I was utterly wrong about the submarine thing, I thought it was true anyway. Every time it was my go he always had a question, it was kind of funny really. And when I got something wrong again I just lied my way out of it, he said I was excellent at bullshitting haha. After that we helped them out in the pool where I decided to pretend to be an annoying 10 year old. The annoying part came very easily.

After an extremely long day I headed home and got ready to watch the last episode of Spartacus ever, boo! I don’t think I’ve ever been so sad to see a series end especially as I know that if they stick with history then every single main character is going to die. So I got popcorn, hot chocolate and armed with toilet roll I cried like a small child whilst Taylor was passed out asleep in our room haha. I’m surprised I didn’t wake her up!


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