True Facts About the Dolphin

Dolphins :)

Aww Dolphins 🙂

photo 1    1. What is that I hear you say?  A wolf in need of a nose job? No that my friends is a prehistoric dolphin. Go figure science. Dolphins originally lived on land, with five toes on each foot, no really. Can’t get that image round your head? Well it’s true, in fact some dolphins, like the Amazon River dolphin, still have hair on its beak. Dolphins also creepily still have fingers in their flippers amongst other human like parts (see next photo). So they went from a scary looking, hairy wolf to the worlds most loved creature. They did the land part and decided it was just rubbish and buggered off to the ocean. It was probably around the time the first humans started to piss them off by trying to teach them tricks and kept them as pets…oh wait.

embroyo dolphin

Baby dolphin that clearly has fingers

2. Dolphins don’t have a sense of smell, but they do have a sense of taste and, like humans, can distinguish between sweet, sour, bitter, and salty tastes. To be honest I think this a fairly pointless thing for a dolphin to have, surely a fish just tastes like a fish? Unless they have a great deal of herbs and spices hidden down there this would be our equivalent of well, just eating raw fish every day. Mmm fishy.

3. Some dolphins can understand as many as 60 words, which can make up 2000 sentences. Unfortunately most of these words are things like fish, sex (see next fact) and swim. So it would be hard to have an actual conversation with one.

4. Dolphins are slutty! Not only are they one of the only wild animals to have sex for pleasure (go dolphins) but they are also not picky whether it’s male, female, young or old. Dolphins don’t care what you are just as long as they get a happy ending. They have in fact been known to show sexual behaviour towards other species, including humans. So the next time you go swimming with dolphins be warned, it could be coming towards you for an entirely different reason


Dolphin vs human luvin’

5. Which brings me on to my next fact. I’m sorry to shatter the illusion you have that dolphins are these friendly creatures who rescue humans in need and always have a smile on their face. Although this is somewhat true dolphins, as well as being kinky, are rapists. No seriously:

Now you know why they always have a smile on their face. I told you to be careful when you were near dolphins.


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