Boat Charters to Witches Rock and Ollies Point!

Witches-Rock-Surf-Camp-Tamarindo-Costa-RicaHere at Rich Coast we wanted to extend our love of the ocean to all the surfers out there and we have now set up a boat charter to get to the famous surf spots Witches Rock and Ollies Point. We can take up to five people and can book the boat up to a day in advance.

Witch’s Rock is the most famous break in Costa Rica and the landmark of Santa Rosa National Park. A top spot on most Costa Rica surf tour options, it offers beauty and fun. This is a world class break that thousands flock to every year and it’s the premier destination for a reason. The fast hollow rights on this surf adventure are amazing, and its remote nature means you won’t be running into other novice surfers while you’re here. After all, you can only access it by boat or with a 4×4.

Witch’s has been immortalized in surfing magazines and films around the globe, and it isn’t hard to see why. Here you’ll get a ride like nowhere else in Costa Rica. The big, glassy waves make surfing Witch’s Rock a great experience. You get a fast, clean ride every time as well as easy paddle-outs.

ollies point surf break

Ollie’s Point is a beautiful and remote world class surf break made famous from the movie The Endless Summer II. Only accessible by boat, it’s the spot many think of when ‘Costa Rica surf vacation’ comes to mind. Unlike Witch’s Rock, almost everyone sets up in the same place when you surf Ollie’s Point because it’s a point break. Not just any boat can grab access, though. Every boat has to be permitted to get in, so while it can get a bit crowded in the afternoons; it’s still one of the top spots to include on your Costa Rica surf tour.

Great fast rights define the area, and it’s probably one best handled by experienced surfers. It’s a forgiving, long ride that you won’t forget any time soon.

Contact us here at Rich Coast if you want any more information!


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