IDC: Standards; DSD

Once you become a PADI pro you sign the agreement that you will follow the PADI standards, but also that you will keep up to date and doing so you know you have to read your Training Bulletins in the Undersea Journal every 3 months.

This month the feature articles were about the discover Scuba Diving program.  Right now you have 30 days to register your DSD candidate but as off JAN 2014 you will only have 7 days!   This way PADI hopes to turn these divers into Open water divers because the dsd experience is still fresh in their minds

The eCArd is now also available for your DSD candidates, and soon they can upload this on Scuba earth and even add their picture.

RATIO:  The maximum ratio of four participants to one instructor (4:1) may be increased by no more than two additional participants with the use of one or more certified assistants; (6:2+). Regardless of how many additional certified assistants are added, the total number of participants must never exceed six. The only time these maximum ratios apply is when all factors are favorable.

Only a PADI Instructor may conduct the initial skills training for participants who will participate in the optional open water dive, so not an assistant instructor or DSD leader.


Each time a non certified person wants to try diving via the PADI DSD program, you must conduct a new Discover Scuba Diving program. The only exception is when participants make subsequent dives with the same instructor or dive operation within a few days of the initial experience.

We are so looking forward to the new DSD participant Guide. We do not need to use the flip chart any more ( you still can) and the student can prepare by reading the guide before the experience in the pool!


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