What is life after the IDC?


Looking for a place to do your IDC is always a challenge.  Some divers are on the net for hours and believe me, there are so many options.  Do you want to travel, do you want to explore Asia, or  maybe Central America, maybe you want to learn Spanish and combine both courses?  Then there is the internship possibilities and all these blogs and facebook pages……..it never ends.  Maybe you heard from friends and pick the same idc center as where they got certified?

But after this decision the next questions arrises.  Do I have a job, where to go or what do I do now?  Of course the PADI website has an extended list of dive centers looking for jobs but maybe you can stay and work at the dive center where you dd the IDC?  Being a dive instructor is one big adventure and am I sure if you ask any one of them the main reason they took this step is the freedom, the travel experience and all those people you are going to meet!   Make sure you do some research on your favorite countries, place you would like to explore.

Here at Rich Coast Diving we can help you with the decision on what to do after you are a certified PADI instructor.  We offer help in finding a job here in Costa Rica, either in our dive shop or in one of the others ( most divers love to stay here for a while and explore the Pacific) but we also have connections and if you speak a second language besides English we have a job lined up for you in the Bahamas!

How cool does all this sound to you?  Don’t worry too much, look at a future with loads of opportunities, travel experiences and learning new cultures and maybe even languages: somehow it all comes your way!idc


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