Dive Center Diary Monday


Over the years, you collect many stories that happen during the day, excited divers, great dives, bad dives, awesome fish encounters, but also different people who move on and leave an impression behind.  You must know the tv show “Miami Ink”?  Sometimes I think about inviting the networks and starting a tv show called ” Coco Dive”!

As a travel destination we get interns who stay 3 months, but also instructors who come and go. somehow the local dive masters seem to move on after a few years as well.  Having staff at different ages and different nationalities brings many good conversations. I decided to let you have a look into our shop for a week, ins and outs, dives and gossip 🙂

Monday:  As I walked in the shop I noticed all our divers were male and all different nationalities, Dutch, American, Costa Rican, British and a guy from Tunisia.  Everyone was nice and early so we took off early.  Sean was doing his deep dive for the advance course and then we had some pleasure divers, Martin left with his IDC candidates, some staff members and Sarah to finish her last session for her divemaster. As everyone left I crawled behind my computer to answer emails, when a father of one of the divers came in and had trouble getting cash from the ATM and he was $84 short for the car rental company.  So if there was any way to help him out?  Of course I handed him $100 and told him I would add it to the bill.

The rest of the morning passed quietly, couple of people walked in to ask about our trips but unfortunately nobody signed up.  Had a coffee with one of our instructors who I had put on non-active until June 1st.  The reason was he seems to have trouble getting out of his bed in the morning and after 3 times I felt the punishing had to be a little harder.  He will return June first and promised me this will not happen anymore ; Vamos a ver as they would say here:)

Boat came back with happy divers, they were excited about the big nurse shark they had encountered, but now the stress began; Sarah was almost finished and now it was 1 pm and she had to do debriefing, hand in her map and catch a bus to San Jose at 2 pm.  For the people who don’t  know Sarah, she is very present and you can’t go around her 🙂  Of course she made everyone jump for her, as she is our “princess”. Taylor was sent to get her some lunch and I was asked to drive her home and to the bus station stopping on the way to grab her lunch from Taylor.

My final hours at the shop were spend upstairs at the IDC, Candidates were doing their Standards exam, while Martin took a quick jump to the dentist across the street as he had chipped a piece of his front tooth.  Got home about 5pm, but that does not mean the working day is over, facebook and twitter time.  After dinner received some messages from the dive shop manager, about having the day off and changing the schedule,  10 pm, I guess my dive day is over and I am off:)


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