Dive Center Diary Tuesday

As I finished my first Diary entrée yesterday, I was thinking, is this a good time?  I mean it is low season, will there be enough to talk about?  But even in low season things happen.

As I was talking to a new customer and Guayo was getting her husband ready for his refresh we heard a big, I mean a  BIG bang!  It was like  2 trucks kissing.  I ran outside to see a guy with a helmet right in front against one of my cars.  I screamed for Martin, who came running down the stairs to start his first aid.  Remember us divers are medically trained and may help you.  I rushed to get the Doctor from across the street.   The motor must have been driving pretty fast as the collision with a car happened on the crossing, his bike went sliding under our pick up which was parked on the corner and he flew another 10 meters to hit his head against my green car.

After an hour or so, all was back to normal, motor driver in the hospital with a broken arm (in 2 places), girl with the car and her 2 little kids unharmed but with shock back home, Martin back in the IDC classroom, me behind the computer and Guayo in the pool doing his refresh!  Besides some scattered plastic and glass it there was no trace left of the accident.carm

Like I said before there are loads of interesting  people around, so also this afternoon, a very nice lady came in for a chat ( her husband was diving) You don’t want to know what we talked about, it went from dogs and prostitution to fake boobs 🙂  She was an awesome lady from California and she was talking about how their community often referred to her as a “drag queen” Believe me, she looked like a real nice “drag queen”

the afternoon was passed with loads of walk ins, asking dive questions, canopy info and car rental request.  So yes, it was another late but fulfilling day

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