Dive Center Diary Wednesday


Today was a calm day and I got to go home early, which was nice for a change.  Most of my day was spent on marketing and as I was reading some articles about facebook and twitter you realize that work never stops.  I was told to link all your social media and now I am reading that each social media should be personal and you do need to post on twitter instead of only having facebook links.  Wow, keeping me busy again!

One of the articles I read got me thinking.  They were talking about a company who is trying to develop WIFI for underwater!  Can you imagine?  I am sure there are many of you out there who love this idea, I mean posting your photo on the social media at the moment you are actually seeing it.  I was thinking in a different direction. as a dive shop owner you don’t get to dive too much and when I do, I love the serenity, peach and quiet, it is almost like a well deserved day off!  Now I was already opposed to  underwater cell phones, honey I will be home late, stuck in traffic;  yeah me too, a traffic chaos of many fish 🙂

I like to be left alone underwater, enjoying the marine life and not hearing my phone ring or the beep of a message.  WIFI?  My staff will be contacting me all the time! No lets stay natural underwater, and give me that well deserved day off!phone

See you tomorrow 🙂



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