Dive Center Diary Thursday

Today started off a bit hectic, left home to pick up some customers in Hermosa, but one of the resorts was being a little difficult.  They would not let me enter even after I told him I would just drive by and pick up 2 divers to go to the next resort to pick up some more.  Lucky the divers got restless and started walking to the entrance where we met 🙂  At the front desk they were told to wait there because that is where I would pick them up.  Now do you understand this system or is it just me???

When we arrived back at the shop it was packed with divers waiting anxiously to get to the boat.  Peace and quiet returned after all the guides took their students / divers to the beach to enjoy another day of diving.  I was left behind with the nice “queen” we spoke about earlier this week.  This time she stayed a bit longer and our conversations were more down to earth, California wineries, movie stars ( we seem to have the same taste in actors 🙂 ) and earthquakes.

Around 1 pm the shop was filled with happy divers again and I was listening to their stories of how many rays everyone saw.  The open water students were super exited because they saw the sharks and one decided to make sure his girlfriend  joins him tomorrow.  We went on joking a bit about one of our divemasters because one couple just kept on going on how great he was 🙂  Good news for my ears……happy divers!more spotted rays

My evening had a strange closure after I received a message from my sister that one of my uncles had a heart attack and died on the spot.  Great way to die for him, but not really for the family.  This made me realize that he is the first and now all these aunts and uncles but also my parents are nearing their end of the line……………..


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