Dive Center Diary Friday

Today it seem to be “donation day” First the police came by to ask for a donation because it is the end of the month and gasoline is running low. Right after the phone rang; and there was a request for a donation for the children of the street. I knew it was “endangered species day” but nobody told me anything about “donation day”

Boat came back and we had some new open water certified divers, so it was picture time, we had fun taking the shots with and without the dog 🙂
After all the commotion had gone I went and started servicing regulators. I am not the shops technician, that is Martin, but he is so busy with TEC, IDC and specialty classes, that I decided to fix the little problems. ( yes, I do know how to change “o” rings and put on new LP hoses.)

photo 2
Today is Friday, so that means Happy Hour. This week was a big turn up, many of our divers and staff came for a drink, now the staff takes every chance they get, but it was fun to have all these customers along 🙂 Even my favorite “Queen” of this week came for a Mojito 🙂  5 pm is the best time to go because there is this unique Costa Rican experience of drinking a beer, or cocktail if you please and enjoy the monkeys right above you in the trees jumping around and you just hoping they don’t poop on you! :0monkey

Drinks make you hungry right? So 8 of us were packed like sardines in our car and off we went to the best pizza place in town. All in all a great night and socializing with your customers makes them wanne dive more, so we might have a new Dive master in training and another advanced student 🙂


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