AWARE Shark Conservation Specialty

shark greenstarLOGOFor a diver one of the most amazing things to see under the water are sharks. In fact it’s often one of the main attractions for divers. Here in Costa Rica we encounter white reef sharks on a daily basis and during the summer season we run trips to Bat Islands where the bravest are able to view bull sharks.  However it is clear to us here that we really don’t see the number of sharks that we used to 10 years ago. Instead of 6 sharks you might only see two. The fact is that shark numbers have seriously declined. Sharks are often one of the misunderstood creatures on the planet. The film Jaws and many others have made many people afraid of sharks due to their bad reputation in the media and in the press. If you have ever encountered one diving you know this to be false and that they are actually magnificent animals. Perhaps because sharks aren’t cute and cuddly like pandas they do not get nearly as much attention for their protection. Not many people know that many species of sharks are seriously endangered of becoming extinct. That’s why we, at Rich Coast Diving, think that the shark speciality course is such an important course for people to take.

With the project aware shark speciality course you not only learn a great deal of interesting things about sharks but also learn about why they need to be protected and the issues that they are facing for survival. Here are some of the things you would be looking at:

• How many different types of sharks there are?
• How they communicate?
• How fast they are moving towards being extinct?
• Why they are at Risk of extinction?
• Where Sharks are threatened the most?
• Why Sharks are being hunted?
• What can we do to protect Sharks?
Because conservation is so important to us at Rich Coast we are 100% Aware and always donate $10 of every certified student to Project Aware. All of our instructors have been certified to teach the shark specialty course and you get two awesome shark dives with the course to see and learn more about sharks in their underwater environment. So if you love sharks or just want to learn more about them then come take the shark speciality course with us and become a shark conservation ambassador so that the next generation can still enjoy seeing sharks as much as we do now
  • 1 Day course $167. (includes digital manual, PADI certification plus a $10 donation to project Aware which of course you can match by donating another $10 🙂


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