Diary of a Course Director: Navigation


Being a Course Director at a CDC facility keeps you pretty busy.  This week I am letting you have a look into my schedule so you can see if your future step up the PADI ladder will be Course Director!  Let me tell you, it’s a great job because most of the time you get to choose your courses and you can teach your favorite specialties (the ones you choose to teach are usually the once you love most)  My passion has always been Underwater Photography but since I have become a TEC trainer I think TEC courses are getting pretty close to becoming my choice to teach.

This week we have a student doing his open water and he really became one of the team.  He came to our Rich Coast Friday Happy Hour at Coconutz bar which we organize for staff and customers and he watched the soccer game with a group of us one lunch time. He was even there early in the morning setting up gear on the boats (supervised of course!) and bailing out the small panga when too many waves caused us some, lets just say, ‘floatation’ issues.

Naturally his next step was the advanced course. After his Peak Performance Buoyancy elective we suggested he could complete just one more ppb dive to improve buoyancy even more. Now armed with Open Water, Advanced and a Peak Performance Buoyancy Specialty and having seen me in all my Tec gear while sharing the same boat with my TEC 50 class that week, he decided he wanted yet more!  After being with 2 of our instructors he requested to do a specialty that would benefit his diving and if possible with me.  So the next day off we went for the Underwater Navigation.

One of our DMT’s was interested as well, so we had a nice buddy team.  Well………navigating was not the easiest skill for them; Navigation is usually one people find hardest.  I had an extra DM assisting in this course,  and man, did he have to swim fast!  The buddy couple decided to each go their own way and me and my assistant had to split up and get them back together.  This resulted in a long surface interval to go over the navigation skills once again and of course buddy and safety procedures.  boat briefing

After the second dive we went back to the shop and had an excessive de-brief session.  All in all I feel confident they now know how to navigate and will be fine on their consecutive dives.

After lunch I took 2 DMT’s along to on an Open Water Course for  confined 2 and 3.  These were role model students so at 6 pm we were tired but happy and ready for a drink.


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