Diary of a Course Director: TEC Sidemount

tec sidemount

Today I had a new student for TEC sidemount.  Now this course is pretty new in the PADI system and takes about 3 days, however this student Blaine came in and told me he was already a TEC 50 diver; hmm that changes the plan, because we can adjust the program a bit as a lot of the knowledge was already completed. Blain got the “dive vibe” in 2005 when he completed his open water course here at Rich Coast Diving.  In 2007 he returned for his advanced and in the years he has moved to Costa Rica and reached the Divemaster level and now signed up for my next IDC on august 5th 🙂  Anyway, back to my day.  The morning flew by with theory and coffee so after lunch we were ready for the pool.  The skill that seems to give the most difficulty seems to be the backwards swim.  I guess all my students are surprised when they have to do it as it seems pretty easy when I demonstrate.  But we have quit a few laughs when they try.  I guess practise makes perfect!  One of our Instructors was interested and offered to assist with logistics and such and at the end of our session he had a trial on the sidemount gear as well.  After a small introduction Martijn got the hang of it ;  I like to take a staff member along on my courses for several reasons:


*get them more knowledgeable, so they can talk about it to our divers,

*it is always good for their sales skills to sell a course they have the “know how” for.

Martijn is super excited and he will be one of my students during the next sidemount course!

We are ready for tomorrows ocean dive, are you?


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