Steps towards the CDTC 2

padiYesterday I received the link for my homework. there are quite a few assignments that need to be done before I can actually leave to the Dominican republic. After a day of work and a short jump in my pool to cool off I got settled in front of the tv. (connected my laptop with apple tv) First Alan Jan’s voice opened the slide show. Alan Jan is the manager of instructor development at PADI. Once you climb the PRO ladder you most probably get some kind of contact with him, or during your IDC he passes by on a slide or 2. After the introduction an other oh so familiar voice filled my room. John Land is a PADI examiner and most of our previous IE’s were in his hands. Watching all this familiar topics made me feel a bit more comfortable, it kindda makes the CDTC look a little less difficult.

A few slides shows down we were introduced to the TEC portion, now I am not a TEC diver,stopped at sidemount, but Martin is totally hooked, so got him interested to watch with me. Georgia Hauserman, Padi’s TEC rep was our speaker, once again, someone we know pretty well as she did her CDTC back in 2008 at the same location as Martin, as a matter of fact they were actual team mates. They have developed a friendship over the years and I am looking forward to meeting my future CDTC partners in crime 🙂 Remember the last chapter of your open water manual?: Go Places, Do Things and Meet people?  Well this sounds a bit corny, but eh it is so TRUE, I can vouch for that; over the years I have been a PADI member I have made many new friends 🙂


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