Diary of a Course Director: Divemaster Skills

tired diverToday I was blessed with 3 of my divemaster interns for most of the morning 🙂 We had been to the pool before but the required scores had not been received as of yet. So after logistics were set up for our local dive boat and all our divers off to the boat, the 4 of us set of for the pool. Equipment exchange is always a fun challenge especially today as Jade was holding on the Zach in a very weird place? I will not go into details but we had quit a laugh about it later in the classroom. Zach loved his swimming assignment as he stopped counting and swam on forever, I guess he is ready to cross the ocean! Jade was a bit slower and did not reach a passing score, so I guess she can join the next group of dmt’s next week to swim a bit faster.

To become a PADI divemaster one needs to complete the skill circuit in which they demonstrate the 24 skills plus 5 waterskills exercises: swim 400m, 15 min tread, 800m snorkel swim, 100 m tired diver tow and the famous equipment exchange sharing a single regulator 🙂 The swim exercises are time based and a student needs to finish with a min score of 15 points. So c’mon Jade start practising your swimming skills and get those 15 points! 🙂


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