Diary of a Course Director: advanced course and more

It has been a busy week, I guess I was just so preoccupied, that blogging moved down my list a bit, sorry but as we all know dive instructor is a very flexible job 🙂

pool     O2JPG

This week I finished the Oxygen provider course, an enriched air course and a rescue course.   In between these courses I am also doing an advanced course with a couple, Bianca, being a shy and Spanish-speaking student from Venezuela with her husband Todd from Wisconsin who is far from shy 🙂  We started off with the Navigation and Wreck dive.  Of course the dmt’s were there as well, so good extra navigations skills for them; if they get lost underwater in the future, then there is no more hope 🙂

Next planned on the schedule was Deep and Search & Recovery, this time we had an extra student join us, Genae, from the USA as well.   Deep dive went without any difficulties, but the planned S&R dive changed into Fish id as not all student had read the chapter or were well prepared.  This dive had such an abundance of fish that Fish id was the right choice to make 🙂   The debriefing was loads of fun as we can talk about fish on and on and on………wandering off  the subject to behavior, previous encounters and shark finning.   Our next dives are planned for Thursday, S&R and a Night dive.  Should be fun: a midsummer night dive!


In between all the courses a local real estate and a good friend of us, Mike, decided to dedicate his blog to diving in particular, to us.  Always good for promotion 🙂  did some interviews and shared some photos; result: Great blog about Rich Coast Diving with our own YouTube movie


today I am back in the pool with the dmt’s for their DSD workshop and the Scuba Review.  Some of these guys are almost done and ready to move on.   tomorrow I will enjoy my well deserved day off! ( well off?? I enrolled in a TEC Cave instructor course next week, so time to study!)


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