CDTC part 1

Wow, we are almost half way!  The internet has not been the greatest here at the hotel in Punta Cana. Up to now the program has been pretty relaxed, it is hard work but the atmosphere is great, groups mingle and plenty of time to socialize.

We are split up in 7 groups and we are the pura vida divers.  Our group is mostly Europeans, 1 Mexican and 1 American.  We get along great and everyone seems to put in extra time to help each other.  Now what to expect?  The first day is more or less an introduction day with a short confined session of 6 skills in demonstration level in the pool.  The second part of the skills were done in confined water followed by a teaching presentation of the PADI staff members which we had to evaluate.

The second day was more lectures and the big one is from James Morgan (PADI vice president) about marketing.  James is here to teach people how to teach people how to teach people to blow bubbles!

We are getting a project: we need to contact him by email and convince him to join our group (which is now a dive center) to follow the IDC.  The next few hours are being passed with loads of secrets, whispering and closing laptops if a competitive team passes by.  But of course we are all in the same hotel and you all know the effects of Facebook?!  Pretty soon everyone knows everyone’s name, facebook page, blog and website 🙂  It is a lot of fun and keeps the spirit going till late evening hours


Our facebook page is:   We would really appreciate your like, and no, it is not a real company, just like it for the next few days and you can always unlike it after the 11th!


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