CDTC part 2

New CD

Finished!!! I am now officially a PADI Course Director.  Was it difficult?  Not really, but I have to say I was fully prepared; staffing multiple IDC;s over the last 5 years made this course seem just like any other IDC.  Of course the first presentation is a bit different because now you are talking in front of people who all are supposed to know the same info as you PLUS, there is somebody  watching every move and grading you.  Did I mention the value, did I sell con ed, dive equipment, did I use PADI materials?  A little anxious I was waiting to hear the result.  4.8 out of 5, not bad for the first time.  Now it was my time to evaluate one of my fellow team members.  In order to pass we need to match the score with the controlling score of the PADI examiner. 6 out of 6!  ok, so away went all the stress.  I can do this!


The pool, confined water and open water sessions were completed, as well as the evaluations and teaching presentations.  There was a storm coming so one of our confined water skills was moved to the pool, everyone happy, shallow skills, no bus ride, no sand on in our gear plus an extra hour off.   The hurricane never came, all we had was a little rain.

Last day the 10th of July, started with a presentation of Johnny about the “role of a CD” and then off to our separate rooms to finish our last evaluations and presentations. We would find out our scores during the final evaluation, so off for lunch.

2 pm back in the room, seemed like people were different , louder and more daring.  We ended up dancing in front of the class while waiting for the PADI staff.   Every one was called in 1 by 1 to hear their evaluation.  Mine was done by Johnny, Alan and Linda, 3 people I have known for years, so it was great to hear that they were proud of me!  I am ready for the final banquet for tonight!

The banquet was a heap of fun, we could bring our partners and I know Martin was proud of me getting these great compliments, after all, I am his protégée 🙂   After a fun slide show of photos taken by mostly James, Robert came up and congratulated his region ( he is the Latin America rep and had 7 candidates participating) then he asked Martin and myself to come up to the front and we received a 15 year membership award for our shop.

Now it was time to call each and everyone up once at a time.  Each team had 7 candidates and were the purple team alias “pura vida’s” and our team was last.  The whole course I was number 7 so that made me the very last to come up and receive my gold badge and diploma.  I DID IT!

Now Rich Coast Diving has 2 Course Directors and we will be team teaching our first IDC on August 5th!  See you there!


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