Life after the CDTC

The rush is gone, getting home, being greeted by the zoo is a great feeling, Just taking the afternoon off and then a fresh start tomorrow morning as a Course Director!

Opening Facebook, rush returns, all these photos and all these new friends, everyone is tagging everyone.  I do have to say this is my favorite photo:


Monday morning back at the shop, everyone is excited, congrats are flying around hugs and kisses and then one of the staff members tells a group of divers that I reached the top; the highest level for recreation divers,  ” Oh, so you are a Master Diver now, or do they say Dive master?” Haha, you dont wanne know how often people think Dive master is the highest level, I guess it does sound professional 🙂

The season has started , it is busy in the shop, great atmosphere and I am still gloating a bit; after all it took many years to get here.

Our next IDC starts August 5th, so lets hope we will get many students who want to go PRO, remember Divemaster is where it al starts!  🙂


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