True Facts About the Lobster


1 – Lobsters & Mating

I know you’ve all probably seen the Friends episode where Phoebe tells Ross that Rachel and him are like lobsters, because they will mate for life. This is actually not true, sorry Friends fans.  Lobster mating rituals are actually rather similar to human ones however. The female lobster will come and check out the males den to see if it is good enough for her, kind of how some women might see if a guy is rich enough to date based on his car or house. The female will then sequester herself into the males den, shedding her shell (leaving her toothbrush and beauty products behind) and refusing to leave until her new shell has grown. Sound familiar? This whole ‘digging in’ stage takes around a week by which point the two lobsters will have mated and the male will have bored of her and sent her packing. Or you could look at it in a much sweeter way and say that the female is making herself utterly vulnerable by moulting her shell and having the male protect her while she grows a new one.  Lovers or cynicists you can make your own choice on which version you prefer.

Side fact:


Yay I’m a little miracle!

Female lobsters carry thousands of eggs at a time but only .1% will survive the first 6 weeks. That’s 10 out of every 10,000!


2 – “No more lobster please, just send me to the gallows!”

Back in the day lobster was not the expensive delicacy that you and I know it as. It was common as mud (and was actually used in mud as a fertilizer). In fact it was often associated with the poor in America, just as oysters were associated with the peasants in England. Servants even had contracts that specified they would not be feed lobster more than twice a week and it was also a common food for prisoners, much to their displeasure. It was actually known as a type of abuse when they received too much of it on a weekly basis! It was also common as fish bait until the mid 19th century when  lobster started to get more popular. From torture food to lusted after, lobster’s come a long way.

Ninja_Lobster_by_fizzyfroglegs3 – Lobster Ninja Chop!

Lobsters can literally “throw a claw”, this means they can discharge it from their body and then grow a new one! When someone says throw a claw though all I can imagine is a lobster throwing it’s claw at an enemy like a ninja star. It’s a good technique really, not only would it probably stun your nemesis but would also give it something tasty to eat whilst Ninja Lobster sneaks away.

Side fact 2: Lobsters have claw preferences and will be right/left clawed depending on if their ‘crusher’ claw is on the right or left. Unfortunately I don’t think there are left handed stores down there…

tumblr_lyr4p0aHM01qj9gpso1_500 The epitome of cool pets

4 – “Go fetch boy! Oh wait, you’re a lobster”


Who’s a good boy!

And probably my most bizarre fact of this blog. We all know that some people keep lobsters as pets in little aquariums and so on but did you know people actually take them for walks? This was famously done by French poet Gérard de Nerval. Nerval used to take his pet lobster on a blue ribbon around the Palais Royal in Paris for walkies. When asked why he thought a lobster was a suitable walking companion he retorted; “And what,” he said, “could be quite so ridiculous as making a dog, a cat, a gazelle, a lion or any other beast follow one about. I have affection for lobsters.  They are tranquil, serious and they know the secrets of the sea.”

So that’s that I guess…I do wonder how fast they got around though, lobsters aren’t exactly fast (For more info on this lovely little story go to:


5 – Lobsters are biologically immortal

The biologically part is important, lobsters aren’t actually immortal. They can obviously still be killed or you would end up chasing them around your plate like Sebastian in The Little Mermaid (yes he is a crab, it’s a good comparison). Lobsters do die from natural causes but they don’t suffer old age they just get older and get bigger.  Large lobsters are estimated to be around 50 years old and the oldest recorded lobster was thought to be well over 100 years old! Other biologically immortal creatures include the jellyfish. Both lobsters and jelly fish can continually grow on a cycle, lobsters moult their shells and grow a new one, getting larger in the process. The end result? Very large, very old lobsters swimming around down there. Top this with the fact that the older the lobster the more fertile they are you end up having on your hands a very fat, old, horny pensioner.  Obviously this has been attempted to be replicated in human science to stop people biologically aging…


Futurama – Actually predicting the future of the human race…

n.b. if you would like to see a weird/cool video of lobsters being hypnotized then look no further! Check it out here:


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