Bats on the Sea Venture


So we had a Bats trip planned, and more and more people were interested, but the boat was full.  At 6 pm we find out there is a problem with the engine and another boat, the sea venture is available, now this boat fits about 80 people!

I had just finished cooking lunch for the small group and  now I was on the phone trying to reach all these divers that had asked and I had told them the boat was full.   Reached everyone and headed to our dinner appointment  at the local pizza place.  After a great meal rushed to the supermarket to stock up on food and here I was back in my kitchen at 9.30 pm!

We ended up with a group of 25 and had a blast.  Boat left at 7 am, fully stocked with food and drinks and the divers on the top deck in the sun, overlooking the volcanoes and jamming to the sound of the Who.   Dolphins!!  Everyone ran to one side loaded with cameras, and sure enough dolphins at the bow.

Our first dive was Big scare, groups of 4 hit the water and off they disappeared into the deep to look for bull sharks. An hour later we had big smiles on the deck, divers enjoying the pineapple and drinks and chatting away about the magnificent bulls.   After about an hour surface interval the divers were anxious to hit that water again, and once again all happy faces returned as more bull sharks had been spotted.Big Scare

Before the 3rd dive everyone enjoyed my home cooked lunch and some sunny rays with the tunes on the upper deck.   Peace and quiet was disturbed as I just spotted a whale breach at the surface!    It was so cool, she came really close to the boat with a small young right beside her.   It was like should we get ready real fast and jump in or just enjoy the view from here?  when she disappeared we were ready to get geared up for our last dive of the day; were we really?  Dolphins appeared right next to the boat as to say “the show is not over yet”  Who need Sea world???

The third dive was at Black Rock, this site is just over crowded with fish, so amazing that you sometimes feel it is just you in the water, all by yourself surrounded by fish until in that little opening you catch a glimpse of your buddy who is surrounded by snapper, grunts and jacks just like you are 🙂  If you look up you can spot the spotted eagle rays, just surfing above all these schools.  I think I can honestly say that this is by far my favorite dive site!

What a day!  to top it all off we sat on the deck with a cold beer and just waiting for the sun to go down.  Great sunset as we entered Coco, and everyone left the boat as happy friends, tired form an Awesome day.sunset


One thought on “Bats on the Sea Venture

  1. An awesome day it surely was!!!!!!! We had already done the Bat Islands earlier in the week, and gladly returned for a second visit after Brenda’s offer. The Sea Venture was unlike any boat I’ve ever done diving from. At only about a third capacity, it made for a great relaxing trip augmented by Brenda’s cooking and Martin’s playlist – oh yes and their great company!!! It was great to see a dive shop having as much fun as their clients.

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