True Facts on Sharks!

In honour of shark week, which has tended to deal more with shark attacks then actually promoting sharks, I am reviving my very first ‘True Facts’ blog. Now with added pictures and hilarity!


Just because my head isn’t soft enough I can’t be a hammerhead?! But moooooom!

1. Hammerhead sharks’ heads are soft at birth so they won’t jam their mothers’ birth canals. I have a lot of friends who have just had babies and I bet they’re wishing this could have happened with their children…


“No, no, nooooope!”



“Haha boys, meet my BFF”

2. Apologies to equality here because sharks don’t care about all of that. Even though an almost equal numbers of men and women spend time in the ocean, nearly 90% of shark attacks have happened to men NOT women. Hurrah for my gender. Sorry boys.


A shark’s stomach contents. I also found a much more disturbing photo of a human cut out of a shark – I wouldn’t google it

3. Very weird things that have been found in shark stomachs include bottles of wine, shoes & SPAM (silly shark, no one likes this). Minus the shoes and spam it appears sharks and I have the same stomach content in regards to the wine. I knew I liked them! From the picture above it also appears they have a fondness for Barbie, good work shark.


Da Dum, Da Dum….

4. As long as a shark’s back is mostly under water, it can swim easily. A nine-foot-long bull shark can swim in just two feet of water and the majority of shark attacks take place in water of 6ft or less. I used to have quite a large fear of sharks (and jellyfish) so this fact has just destroyed my clever plans of running into the ocean and splashing water on myself and then running out again so I wouldn’t get eaten by a shark. However I don’t have a penis so I’m 90% less likely to get attacked. BONUS!

Deadly Bees

This is honestly a real film…

5. More people are killed by bee stings and lightning than by shark attacks. That’s right a fricking adorable bumble bee is more deadly than a shark. That combined with the fact that us humans kill millions of sharks every year means that we’re really not playing fair out there


6. Contrary to popular belief, the stomach is not the largest organ inside a shark’s body. The liver is actually the biggest and can be 25% of the shark’s weight – so now all that wine makes absolute sense! However I don’t think that’s really fair. I bet sharks don’t get hangovers. Gimme your liver shark!

– Sarah


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