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social mediain 2001 I was the owner of a dive center on Curacao.  Email was just a small part of our business,.  I remember the dial-up system and going online in the morning to receive mail, then answer the emails during the day ( the few we received, and it was mostly family social time instead of business related) and send again in the evening.  I am sure many of you can remember that sound of the dial-up?  haha, how times have changed!

Now most of my day is spend behind the computer and 95% of my emails are business related (some spam) and all the family social time moved to Facebook.  So much better to see the picture of my nephews and see what my friends are doing and getting direct contact, with family but also with your divers; I mean how cool is Skype?

Social media and diving is growing as well.  Scubaboard was one of the first boards where divers could ask questions about their dive destinations, but soon many followed.  I joined Facebook in 2008 and had Rich Coast Diving as a person (pages did not exist yet)   reached 5000 friends!  Lucky for us we could carry them over once Facebook introduced the fan pages.  we are still growing everyday and I spend a lot of time on social media,: Facebook, twitter, pinterest, just to name a few.  Lucky I have now a program that manages them all, can you imagine searching on the internet just to find out where to present your shop?socail media2

New gear arriving, announcing trips, sharing facts about sea life, receiving questions, reservations, updating students about the courses, posting IDC events, showing the world the atmosphere in your shop, under water, your staff and making  friends, it is all a possibility on social media.  You can even find specials on dive gear and dive trips as most scuba manufactures are active Facebook users as well.

Who does not remember the last chapter of the open water manual? Diving: Do things, go places and meet people!  Join diving Facebook pages and you’ll meet a lot of new divers, you will find places to visit, get inspiration and go travel!  Tag yourself once you joined other divers on that great dive and in a  mille second all your friends can see you during that manta encounter 🙂

PADI realized that social media is a big part of the divers life as well.  So the business Academy arises and we joined one in New Jersey ; powerful information on how to better inform your divers.  But there is also a new media for you: SCUBA EARTH!

Make sure you join and become a dive buddy of Rich Coast Diving; it is basically the same principle as Facebook except this is more focused on divers, so more dive buddies, places to go, and another cool factor is that you can log your dives and if you are quick and do it before the 31st of August you help project aware as well!  PADI donates $1 to every logged dive to project Aware, so divers log those dives tonight!

Below you see some links to like us, make sure you like our Facebook page, follow us on twitter and we will make sure you will have a great time.


4 thoughts on “Social media

  1. Hi, Martin:

    I agree with your account on the explosive growth of social media and there’s no denying Facebook is king. And you do a great job with your social media. But SCUBAEARTH? Please. It’s a clunky wannabe, a bald-headed stepchild. The photo upload interface is Facebook circa 2005. You have to link your PADIPro account with your SCUBAEARTH account just so your dive shop logo updates – if it updates. I linked my client’s account on PADIPro 4 months ago and the old logo STILL appears on SCUBAEARTH.

    No one is using SCUBAEARTH and no one ever will, no matter how much they’re donating to a good cause, unless PADI gets serious about their back end on the product and make it worth using. Why can’t I bookmark a dive site and get push notifications on my smart phone when someone logs a dive there? Could come in handy when planning a trip, right? Benefit to the user = more users. Otherwise it’s just work.

    There are a ton of other sites out there that do a better job than SCUBAEARTH., are two. And no one is using them either. Forget it. Use #hashtags on Facebook (for old freinds) and Google+ (for new friends) and Twitter (for anyone) to drill down to the information you want. #papagayo #papagayodiving #costaricadiving.

    PADI also needs to get serious with their bug-filled PADI smartphone app. Until then, pass on just about anything PADI tech-oriented. They clearly don’t get it.

    Hope to run into you soon, my friend. Keep on blogging. Pura vida!


    • Hi Mike, thanks for commenting on our Blog. I know Scubaearth is not there yet, but it does receive alot of divers. Facebook has new updates on almost a daily base, it is sometimes hard for us to keep up! For sure facebook is number one, but it is good to know PADI is trying to create a info/ social media just for divers.

      Pura vida

  2. Hi Mike,

    Sorry to hear you’re not a fan of ScubaEarth. Wanted to address some of the questions you brought up. FYI you can submit a technical issue or idea for improvement via the links at the bottom of any ScubaEarth page (when logged in). There is a link for Customer Support and one for Ideas.

    We’ve recently added the ability to track a dive site. Right now it’s part of a dive dashboard that some users have access to while the site is in Beta. The dashboard appears upon login and a rotating graphic shows data from the three most recently logged dives.

    Our app will launch later this year. While it won’t have the push notifications you mentioned, it will allow people to go to a dive site and view the most recently logged dives. If we get a lot of people asking for the push notifications, this is a feature we could add. In the meantime, users can simply go to the dive site page, or use the app to contact their local dive center.

    Something neither Facebook or Twitter can do is act as a database for dive conditions and critter sightings. As ScubaEarth grows (we have 53,000 users as of August) we’ll have a very robust site. For example: if you want to know what the water temp is in Ko Tao in December, what viz is like and what creatures you’re likely to see – ScubaEarth could provide that information.

    Hope this reply addresses some of your concerns. If you submit a technical support request or idea request from the site itself it will be reviewed by our ScubaEarth team which includes PADI’s IT Director, our ScubaEarth community manager and key customer support staff.

    Kind regards,

    – PADI

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