True Facts about the Turtle

We get a fair amount of turtles here in Playa Coco; leatherback, green and olive ridley. Some are big, some are small. Coming soon at RCD we will also be launching a PADI turtle speciality course so that you can learn even more about these cool creatures and go diving to try and find some! Therefore in honour of the gentle turtle here are some true facts about them – Sarah


1. Turtles, once they get a taste for human flesh, can eat nothing else ever again…


2. Turtles have favourite colours, according to researchers these are yellow, orange and red. Therefore if you’re not wearing any of those colours when you’re diving then the turtles are openly mocking you and your fashion choices.

3. Turtles do no have ears but they can perceive low pitched sounds. So when you’re singing that song, talking to yourself or shouting at person in front of you who just kicked you in the face just remember, the turtles can hear you and they’re terrible gossips.


“Figaro, Figaro, FIGAROOOOOO”

4. Turtles also don’t have vocal cords but they can make sounds. Turtles are actually avid opera practitioners, bet you didn’t know that


“SHE’S MINE!!!!!”

5. Turtles select mates by sniffing tails. In fact they have a very good sense of smell, but not so much sight. So if a female climbs over something then the male has often been known to try and mount it. This has been observed in tortoises too as one tried to have sex with a head of lettuce a female had climbed over. Oops. That’s going to be very disappointing.

By the way fact one is a joke, but you believed me didn’t you…

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