Costa Rica for diving or Spanish?

DSC_1197The official name for Rich Coast Diving is Buceando Internacional. Buceando meaning Diving.  Over the years we have had many interns and they all come with the good intention to learn Spanish.  Coco has grown from a small fishing village into a rural hub of divers from all over the world and English is widely spoken, however for the driven student there are many ways to learn Spanish.   When they arrive in the shop with these intentions I always tell them to start with the dive vocabulary.  There are Spanish open water manuals in the shop available for you to read and we all remember that nice drawing of that diver where all the equipment is mentioned?  Well guess what? it is the same in the Spanish manual 🙂

Our local staff is always eager to talk Spanish and it always creates a smile on my face if I hear the interns trying to communicate with them in Spanish, but eh, they are trying.  Most interns leave here after a 3 month period with a little knowledge of the Spanish language.  Of course there are many options to take classes, but after a full day of diving they believe they learn more Spanish at the bar with a beer in their hand 🙂

Here is a small list of useful phrases:

Scuba diving – el buceo

To dive – bucear

Diver – El buzo / el buceador

Dives – Immersiones

Equipment – Equipo

Mask – Máscara

Fins –  Aletas

Wetsuit – El traje

Tank – El tanque

Dive computer – La computadora

Logbook –Bitácora

Weight belt – El cinturón

Weights – Los plomos

Boat – El barco

Sea – El mar

Shop – Tienda

Rope – Mecate

Anchor – Ancla

Open Water – Agua abiertas

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