Green Life to begin Diving Life

greenlifeI wish all my students were children between the ages of 9 – 12. Enthusiastic, funny, full of questions and absolutely never disputing anything! I spent my Wednesday morning this week back at school for the first time, in too many years to admit to here, giving some budding divers a presentation about shark conservation, the dangers of pollution and human interference in the circle of (underwater) life.

We began by introducing the shark species you can find here in the underwater realm of Coco (Bull shark, Hammerhead, White Tip Reef Shark and Whale Sharks) followed quickly by some interesting facts about sharks (did you know that shark’s skin is made of cartilage and not bone? Did you know that humans kill up to 100 million sharks a year while Coconuts are responsible for more deaths per year than sharks for humans??). We then showed a short video about shark finning and how experts believe that sharks will be almost extinct in 10 years time 😦 . Even the kids had heard of The Cove and Shark Water and the devastating effect this is having on our shark/dolphin populations.

It was obvious some of the kids had never thought about this before and it was heart warming to see that we might be changing the opinions of children whose families consist of fishermen/councilmen and businessmen who potentially have the power to impact in the immediate community.

We decided to sign up some of the kids for DSD’s/Open Water Courses and even a Shark Specialist! We will be doing the pool sessions next week followed by a day in the ocean. We will also be having a parade with the schools in the area where they will compete for best dressed sea creature to raise awareness in the local community. This will happen in January so watch this space! Also in a few weeks log on to see some of the kids blogs here on word press.

Because of this enthusiastic response and because of a sense of joining the battle against the extinction of our oceanic animals, we will be screening Blackfish in Coconutz Bar these coming weeks to raise awareness for animals trapped in captivity. Details to follow shortly.


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